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My journey to tech and UX
The timeline

My First iPad

Name: Maxwell (Max) Nelson

Hometown: Dallas, PA and Morristown, NJ

What I do: UI/UX and Product Design

Favorites: Golf, basketball, video games, make music, play with my dog Winnie, and travel!

My technology journey began in 2010 when I got my first iPad. As a kid and a user, I became fascinated by its revolutionary design and how it empowered users with creative tools that had previously been exclusive to computers.

I knew even then that I wanted to contribute to making technology more intuitive and inclusive for people.

After high-school, I entered the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. During my senior year there, I had the opportunity to create my own iPhone application as a capstone

project. I researched, designed, executed, and funded my app called Atme.

Atme was a labor of love and a rewarding experience. I walked away with many lessons learned, as well as a fresh new list of questions.

Post-graduation and Atme, I spent two years as an enterprise software consultant with a specialty in supply-chain management. While working on projects for multiple high-profile apparel companies, I gained real-world business experience working with high-performing teams.

However, I knew this was not where my passion lived!

I wanted to create experiences for people, which led me to pursue a master’s in Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech, which I completed in May 2023. Throughout the two-year program I had the opportunity to work on diverse projects ranging from mobile apps to web interfaces and beyond. Each project taught me invaluable lessons and allowed me to refine my skills in wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing.

With my business and HCI skills, I strive to continue my journey of creating impactful designs that seamlessly bridge the gap between aesthetics and functionality.