Want a quick overview?

About the internship

Over the course of four months, I had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects that encompassed user experience, interface design, and service design. I completed three primary projects: a banking chatbot, a payment service, and service design workshops.

My contributions

  • Researched and designed a banking chat assistant

  • Designed web pages for an internal banking marketplace

  • Conducted an accessibility review and redesign of a cash and cryptocurrency transfer service

  • Used HTML, CSS, and Javascript to develop a prototype used on an ATM machine

What did I learn?

Having had the opportunity to contribute to a diverse array of projects throughout the summer, I gained a profound insight: the design process is inherently non-linear. One can step into a project at any phase, and it becomes essential to apply the appropriate research and design methodologies aligned for that phase of the project. This understanding compels me to approach design with adaptability and flexibility, ready to pivot and reassess methods based on the evolving requirements of the project.

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